Billie Stark

My work in clay is many things to me. It provides balance to the other side of my life – which is my daily job and routine. I really enjoy immersing myself in my clay work – totally focused on the clay body and the evolving creation. I like the feel of the clay and being able to create something. It relaxes me, like making bread in the middle of a cold winter day. My work in clay reflects a basic part of me – the logical, ordered part of me, but at the same time allows me the freedom to try new things and experiment a bit. My interest in nature often shows up in my pottery, from birdfeeders to hand-etched plant pots, or plant-imprinted platters. I make functional pieces for the most part, but occasionally I step outside of that realm and try something different. My clay work represents growth – in my skills, my ideas, and my life. It is me.

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