Being naturally a visual and tactile person, the claywork came easily, helping me feel at home with new found friends and enabling me to become more deeply connected to this unfamiliar yet wondrous and beautiful environment. Writing has always been hard for me, but I hoped, maybe in this special place, inspired and nurtured by our talented and sensitive leaders and a creative and supportive group, my words might flow in meaningful ways. And with time, patience, and inspiration, they did! What a joy to become more open to this new means of expression for me!

John Sargent




























Img_1040“Making Art in Paradise” brought me to a sensual intimacy between my own body and the breathing animate landscape /seascape of St. John. Barrel cactus, blue tang, featherstar, crinoid, termite and tamirand, everything spoke. Something about working with the clay seemed to open up a new language, and with it the possibility for a sensual and respectful reciprocity between myself and the animate environment in which I was “imbedded.” Through poetry-making and working with clay I was able to enter into an intimate conversation with a deeply intelligent landscape/seascape/mindscape – the Sacred Other. I am very grateful.

Elizabeth Paulette-Coughlin