Sara Seinberg

The studio is one of my favorite places to be. I go very early in the morning, sometimes before the sun, and let the clay go to work on me. Each piece continues to be a constant experiment between my hands, the elements, luck, and the breath.

I tend to create families of functional objects rather than series. My shapes and surfaces are often awkward, earthy, unrefined, a reflection of the way I am in life, really. A little bit thick and unwieldy, but approachable and useful. Funny. Unconventional, friendly, and warm. Or these are my hopes about myself and I wish these best longings into the work. I want each piece to be not only an expression of particular moments and stretches of time in myself, but to also be generous and translatably elastic enough to grow into it’s beholder. If a piece is successful, it will have room to sustain meaning for anyone who uses it in daily ways.

Fading Light Bowl

Carved Stoneware Family

Winter Sunrise

The Waiting.

Desert Triangle Dinner Plate

Carved Earth Teacup

Desert Sunset Side Plate with Bowl.

Double Bowl Family

Spoons. I love making spoons.

Serving Platter with Friends.

Tiny Pal.

A Place in the Family of Things