Claudia Teachman

Bunny Vessel

I started making small potter’s clay animals in 1996 as creative relief from the rest of my very busy life. In 2005 I retired from my day job to become a full time potter. Each of my pieces is individually handcrafted. I use mason’s stains, ilmenite and other colorants to achieve different hues and employ a variety of clay bodies and glazes in pursuit of gradations of color and texture. I live in rural Vermont and the farm animals that I see on a daily basis are reflected in the animal motifs of both my sculptural and wheel thrown work.

All of my work is fired to cone 10 at the Brattleboro Clayworks, a cooperative studio where I am one of 11 members. In the walk-in gas kiln variable flame patterns and the presence of other people’s work add unique finishing touches. In the electric kiln the results are more predictable; however, no two pieces of mine are ever identical.

At first glance my clay work may seem simply whimsical, on closer inspection one can see the care and intention with which each piece has been shaped. Working in clay is my passion and my job. I live to make art that engages people functionally, emotionally and creatively.

Claudia Teachman
Brown Bunny Pottery