Carol Ross

My career has been as a graphic designer, with pottery always in the wings. I started taking classes at the Radcliffe Ceramic Studio and Boston Center for the Arts many years ago. A class here, a class there. I never got very good. In 1990 my partner Chris and I moved to South Newfane, VT and I set up my wheel in Jen Morier’s studio. I worked with her for about a year. Then did not touch clay again until 2012.

Taking a class with Rob Cartelli at Clayworks rekindled my love of clay, and I’ve been here ever since. Simplicity in form and color is very present in all my work. I throw small, uncomplicated shapes and use a limited glazing palette, with signature coil handles. Many of my vessels combine the exposed natural clay body with the addition of one glaze. I work in hi-fire brown or white stoneware.

Hands-in-clay is a meditation. I cannot imagine my life without it.

South Newfane, VT

Brattleboro Winter Market
Brattleboro Summer Farmer’s Market
Cotton Mill Open Studios, Dec. 2018