What past participants have to say:

Our Hero’s Journey remains probably the most powerful experience in my life. It has become a point of departure for many decisions that have changed my life for the good. I cannot be more grateful for having met you.

– Akiko Oncken


I came with hopes to learn, discover something –about clay, about me, work, creativity. Were they met? Yes!!!

– Ayars Hemphill


I really had a profound experience in your July workshop. I seemed to break through some self-critical creative funk that day and have had great fun with clay since then. I may not have realized it fully the day I left your studio but it unfolded in the days and weeks since. Huge Thanks!

– Elizabeth McHale


Interesting, Odd, Funny, Appropriate, how working with clay and a few verbal suggestions or rituals can take someone so deep. Will I be back? Absolutely!!

– Claudia Teachman-Blocher


If you like to get your hands “muddy” and want an unusual experience in group dynamics and self-esteem building, sign up for “the Way of Clay”, a wonderful, even spiritual workshop.

– Suzan Sattell


This was exactly what I had hoped for- a way to reconnect myself with clay and spirit. Thank you so much.

-Leslie DeGraff


I’m leaving this workshop feeling very whole. I think I have found (Through the processes and practices learned today) more ways of using clay to express thoughts, questions, emotions and dreams. Thank you.

– Forrest Pierpont


Wow! What a workshop! I got a lot out of each and every part!! I came away aware of things about myself I had not realized before. I am inspired, healed, and re-energized! Thank you

– Wendy Walters


My hope was to reconnect to clay, instead I reconnected to myself.

-Julie Lombard


Great Workshop – It gives me much food for thought and reflection. I hope to use more of this technique to search my soul.

-Dee Cleary

And others:


Thanks, Alan, for the positive energy you brought to Men’s Wisdom Council. What a great debut.

-Larry Murphy


Please continue on with your teaching, there is a great need for your views and it is a mission.

-George Kokis